Can a Women become more powerful?

Can a Women stand out in her own feminine energy to take a stand?

Women who succeed in life and business rebel and do not follow the rules!

Women will often avoid conflict to stay in peace — the nurturing mother of a child -a partner        of   passion – a flower of sweetness.

This is a guide to help Women who feel she desires more in life and business – sweeping actions without compromise


Success and confidence are a bit tied into Standing in your Power.  Confidence breeds success, but how do you build the confidence? You build it by building your personal resources – by stretching yourself and growing – whether it’s through personal development, spiritual practice, coaching, all of the above or anything else that helps you be more of who you are.

Doing something you’ve never done before and finding you can do it – even adequately, builds confidence. Being willing to get out of your comfort zone builds confidence. Being vulnerable builds confidence. With confidence comes an inner strength and knowing that breeds success.

Sneak Peak into Ancient Secrets to get quick snapshot into this book – Show up in your power, show up standing for the change you want to see.

Releasing early August!